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Business Banking Consultants

We specialize in advising companies and their owners how to get the most out of their business banking. Secoy’s solution for businesses involves utilization of our extensive professional banking experience to ensure a company receives the value and advice they so richly deserve. Our experts review the entire banking situation with an unbiased viewpoint and the sole objective of how to provide improvements in all areas.

The improvements can take many forms - better utilization of cash management products to create efficiencies, reduced or elimination of collateral security, less stringent conditions/covenants, lower fees,
more favourable rates or pricing, higher loan limits, fraud protection, structure amendments etc. We can accomplish this from our vast knowledge of the marketplace and leverage of the competitive landscape for business banking. Our compensation is normally on a shared “success fee” basis.

We have the capability to lead negotiations on behalf of companies, acting as “in-house” Bankers. This enables us to represent clients on an equal footing with any financial institution. Our experience removes the intimidation factor and allows us to effectively obtain the best possible deal in the marketplace. Clients have the security of knowing their interests are protected without worry about overpaying or over securing the deal.

Secoy can also source funding and provide structure/strategies for special projects. This can be very beneficial for companies contemplating significant operational changes.

Our services are unique to the marketplace and essential for any company that operates a bank account.



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